Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring: Royal Rock Alert!

Official news broke last night that Prince William and Kate Middleton are engaged! And while that means true love for those crazy kids - let's get on to more important matters, shall we?  HER ENGAGEMENT RING!

From Vanessa Minnillo to Jessica Simpson to the gtranddady of them all - Kate Middelton!?. My friggin' head is spinning this week.

OK. So as of two hours ago, the royal ring has not been revealed. But you can bet your arse I'll be on the lookout. What we know so far is that - unlike his father who proposed before choosing a ring - William popped the question with a rock in hand (good boy). 

How do we know? The all-important looky-loo and the like spotted her wearing the sparkler over the weekend, according to the British press. 

Will she choose an unconventional gemstone ring like William's mum Princess Diana, who selected the now famous 18-carat oval blue sapphire ring? 

Will I need a cocktail before noon while I wait for those pesky royals to release the details?

Better yet? Let's bum rush Buckingham!!!

Stay tuned! 


Bronx Marty said...

Nothing takes the bitter taste of the mid-term election away better than a sweet, fanciful Royal Wedding!

I am certain Mother Di would be delighted.

Jewelry Insider said...

You know? I have been getting teary-eyed all day just thinking of how happy Mother Di would be. We all watched him grow up -and mourned her loss with him. And now that news hit that he gave Kate his mother's ring? Well, it's just...ok....I'm getting misty again....

Anonymous said...

BTW, there is already a facebook group set up as a fanpage!


Robin said...

Kate can be a very good wife. The way I see it, she'll be as supportive as an "almost" Diana princess. In terms of the ring, I still admire the blue sapphire ring of Princess D. I had our wedding ring from Calgary custom jewellery, and I'm lucky to have the almost same design. My wife was so delighted by the custom jewellery (Calgary-based), that made her birth stone, wedding ring. I just hope that the couple will focus more on their marriage rather than their wedding.

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