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May 2, 2008

Recession? What recession? Rumors abound that the economy is heading down, down, down and consumer confidence is danger of flat-lining. Obviously the analysts and the doomsday sayers have not been thorough in their research. I mean, if people are buying jeans for over $1.2 million, things can’t be that bad – can they?
During London Fashion Week, Secret Circus Clothing Company unveiled a $1.27 million pair of jeans and, by the close of the last show, announced the first pair of diamond-encrusted jeans had been sold.
The jeans are hand-made (obviously) and the back-pocket is embellished with 15 diamonds that include some rather large rocks: a 4.63 marquise diamond, 2 round brilliant six-carater diamonds, one 5.09 carat princess cut gem and a pear-cut diamond weighing in at 5.37 carats. Not forgetting of course 10 single carat diamonds.
Irma Matulionyte modeled them at the label’s launch at London Fashion Week in February, and since then, the brand has stirred up quite a buzz. The owner of the million-buck denims didn’t want to be named, but the company did state the jeans will fit a 27 inch waist. Practicality is, of course, another important consideration when buying jeans with diamonds. Before shoving them in the wash, let’s hope the laundry remembers to use the clasp that will remove the diamonds.

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