$15 Million 26 ct Black Diamond iPhone

A Chinese businessman and lavish U.K.-based craftsman Stuart Hughes have teamed up to create the ultimate in luxury smartphones – a $15 million solid gold, diamond-encrusted iPhone 5.

We love when various entrepreneurs attempt to put diamonds in contact lenses, crush up black diamonds for nail polish, or even bling out a set of steak knives with precious gems, but this latest story, reported by CNN, takes the diamond-encrusted cake.

When “Joe”, a businessman from Hong Kong wanted to preserve a 26-carat black diamond family heirloom (can’t we all be so lucky?) he contacted Hughes, known for creating luxury gizmos and gadgets.The end result is what is being called the world’s most expensive phone. A shell crafted in solid gold with 600 flawless white diamonds lining its perimeter and 53 diamonds forming the Apple logo on the back is only the start. Flip the phone over and where the ‘home’ button is lies a 26-carat, $14.5 million black diamond.

For those with $15 million burning a hole in their pocket (tax refunds, anyone?), you can visit stuarthughes.com to check out this and other lavishly-crafted devices. You can also purchase a less-expensive 24-karat iPhone 5 for just $4,000.

Wonder how much it costs to replace a cracked screen on this bad boy.


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