Golden Gifts

We all know that gold is the color of the moment.


Golden dresses, golden shoes, golden bags and layers of dazzling, long golden chain necklaces are the fashionistas picks for winter warmers – but for some, not even being bedecked in gold is enough. Gold Xmas trees, gold phones, gold chocolates, even gold greeting cards are some of the everyday items undergoing a golden makeover this winter.

Japanese jeweler, Ginza Tanaka, famed for his penchant for all things gold, has created a couple of seasonal extravaganzas (all in gold of course). First there’s a 24 karat gold greeting card featuring a “pop-up” gold Christmas tree. If the $254,000 price tag for this card doesn’t seem to bad, then you probably won’t be to worried about the postage fee – the card does weigh 6 kg.


Tanaka, never a jeweler to think “small”, is also offering a larger version of the greeting card’s pop-up tree. A 21 kg tree of gold selling for $850,000.

Much cheaper, and certainly more practical, is the Nokia 8800 Sirocco Diamond Edition mobile phone. The phone, plated with 24-karat gold, features 100 mega of on-board memory and a 2 mega-pixel camera. The price – a bargain compared to Tanaka’s trees at $3,450.


For those who are looking for something more traditional, yet still golden, what could be better than “five gold rings”. A partridge in a pear tree doesn’t always cut it and ten lords-a-leaping are rather hard to find these days, but five stunning gold rings will beat swans-a-swimming hands down.

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