Gems A’Singing: Steals Under $100

Soloists are out – 2008 is the year for duets.

Diamonds and gems are rhapsodizing in harmony making sure jewels are giving twice the power and twice the dazzle.

From crazy colors to delicate diamonds whatever you do Рmix up your gems for a dazzling New Year. Sapphires and diamonds sparkle in unison in this chic horseshoe charm by Zales.


Diamonds prove they?re the perfect back-up for any star. Adding a touch of bada-bling, white diamonds are the perfect accompaniment to this break-out performance.

Crowing a winner has never been easier. Taking the top place in the mixed doubles is this pink sapphire and diamond crown pendant by Kay Jewelers.

If you can’t decide between diamonds and gems, you certainly don?t need to be heart broken – Zales is making sure you can have it all. Peridot, Amethyst or Garnet – actually at just $90 each, why not all three?

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