Psst – Pass It On: What He Needs To Know

Tips and tricks that will make jewelry buying a walk in the park compared to meeting your father for the first time.



What really strikes fear into men’s hearts is trying to buy a gift for a spouse or a girlfriend. What does she like? What does she need? What’s her size? Will this gift really knock her out?

When it comes to buying jewelry, that fear is usually multiplied. How do I know I’m getting value for my buck? What if they won’t take it back? How in love’s name can I find jewelry that she’ll like – I can’t even buy a scarf for her, let alone a ring or necklace?

Well, it’s time to stop worrying and start reading. Follow’s survival tactics and turn your fear into jewelry buying flair.

#1: Help Yourself

Pay attention to the jewelry she wears now. Pay attention to the clothes she wears most often, and make sure you pick jewelry that matches and complements them. Finally, go snooping in her jewelry box, and look at what’s in there that she has but doesn’t wear. Look for items that are missing a piece – does she have a ring and necklace in a particular gemstone, but no earrings to match?

#2: Educate yourself

Before hitting the store to come home completely discouraged, do your homework in’s “Education” section. Learn as much as you can about jewelry – metals, precious, semi-precious or lab-created gems, pearls, prices, retailers in your area, etc. Information on jewelry will make walking into a store a comfortable experience. And the results will be rewarding; your purchases will be intelligent and very personal. It will be easy to dazzle a loved one with your knowledge, which will again show how much thought you put into this.

#3: Pre-Shop

Once you’ve figured out what she would like, done your homework and learned all you ever wanted to know about jewelry; it is necessary to see what’s out there and who has the best selection for your needs. One big reason we built is so you can browse through a wide assortment from many reputable retailers at your leisure, in the comfort of your own home (in your bathrobe, unshaven if you like!). Since you will have done your homework before pre-shopping, you’ll realize that it’s much easier when you know white gold from platinum and tanzanite from garnets!

#4: Choose the Right Retailer

Regardless of where dad bought mom’s engagement ring, a larger jeweler is often the best bet. They buy in volume, and so get better pricing. They have multiple locations, so even if you move, change jobs, etc., it’s no problem. They have a solid, clear return/refund policy. They have a complete quality control policy. Finally, they are established companies that are going to be there to serve you for the long haul.

#5: Don’t Hold Back The Greenbacks

One of the biggest mistakes is to think that you need to be Rockefeller to buy fine jewelry. Actually there is a wide variety of fine jewelry for $100-$200. That’s not to say you shouldn’t spend more for that “special something.” It’s just that as an educated consumer, you can decide what to get. You’ll know the different karatages of gold can have as much of an impact on price as the carat weight of a gemstone.

Check out’s Sale and Clearance site and take advantage of discounts and promotions available. Sometimes pieces can be reduced to as much as 50% off.

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