Splurge vs Steal: Right Hand Ringers

Splurge vs Steal: Valentine’s Special: Right Hand Ringers

Jewelry.com takes a look at the favorite diamond right hand rings of Hollywood’s leading ladies.



Lucille Ball once said “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.” This Valentine’s it’s time to say thank you to the person that’s always there for you… that woman in the mirror. We take a look at some of the stars favorite’s Right Hand Rings that are the perfect Valentine’s to gift to yourself. Whether it’s a splurge or a steal you’re after, make sure this Valentine’s is ‘your’ day.


For a splurge of a lifetime, you could try this incredible 25-carat right hand ring by jeweler to the stars, Lorraine Schwartz. At the 2007 Grammy awards, Beyonce dazzled on and off stage with some brilliant bling that included this gray, yellow and white diamond right hand ring.


You don’t have to be Beyonce to slip one of these on your right hand. And you don’t need a red carpet event to showcase your sparkle. Brighten up the day and liven up the night with this stunning right hand ring that truly is a spotlight steal.


Mom-to-be Halle Berry loves to sparkle and her collections of right hand rings is testament to this Oscar-winning actresses love of diamond fire. From pumpkin diamonds to this classical platinum and diamond right hander, we just love Berry’s bling.


Get some Berry bling at unbelievable steal – this Jewelry.com black diamond right hand ring will make sure you’re always in the limelight. Celebrate your sparkle with a diamond right hand ring that leaves no room for gray.



Another glowing mom-in waiting, J. Lo choose a Lorraine Schwartz diamond right hand ring at last year’s Golden Globe Awards. She rocked with a 30 carat yellow diamond – definitely not a ring that any ole’ ‘Jenny from the block’ could wear.


If yellow’s your thing then this gorgeous citrine ring is a ‘must-must have’.
Whether you’re at work, at home or standing in line for a non-fat, caramel, soy frappucino, this stunner of gem  is making a scene at a give-away price.

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