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February 4, 2008

Finally, Hollywood could do what it does best – pose.

The writers strike resulted a very subdued Golden Globes Award – a simple press conference with a murky gray carpet, but this Sunday, the Screen Actors Guild reaped a union reward as writers allowed the actors to have their razzle dazzle for a night.

Not even the torrential rains could wash away the glitz and glamour of the SAG red carpet. The stars lightened up the overcast day with jewel-toned dresses and multi-million gems. For some reason, the night was all about glaming it up, but keeping the neck bare. Stars were dripping in jewels on the ears, fingers and wrists, but very few choose to take the diamond drip to their necks. Bracelets and cuffs continue dominate as ‘must-have’ gems with the rich and the richer layer on their diamond bangles every change they have. Earrings dangled and drooped, studded or hooped, but the omni-present chandeliers seem to be slowly losing their #1 earring status.

But, the winner of best ‘revival’ has to go hands-down to brooches. On dresses, in the hair, on waists; granny’s favorite jewel is now the hippest gem in town. If the gems weren’t on the rings, ears or wrists, chances are they were on the dress. Dresses were either splashes of spring with brilliant yellows, green and pinks brightening up the drizzly day or more subdued beiges, metallics
and grays studded with sequins and stones.

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