Fashion Week Snapshots

Nailing down trends appearing at New York Fashion Week is akin to saying a bit of everything, with nothing on top.

Designers have been harking back to the 40s, 60s, 70s and 80s (the 50s are missing but we’re only halfway thru the week).


Feathers are floating down the runway, so are ruffles, skintight dresses, mini-mini skirts, high-waisted skirts, pencil belts, waist cinchers, chunky cardigans and delicate tops.

Feathers, together with a fondness for animal prints, have resulted in some heralding the onslaught of an ‘eco-chic’ trend; no matter how you name it, it’s a fashionable jungle out there.


Color-wise it’s been a somewhat easier task for trendsetters to narrow down the ‘palettes’ of the season. Green, blue and some ethereal jewel-tones are the splashes of spark seen gracing the catwalk. Black though is still a popular fail-safe, with black back as the ‘new black’.

If you’re not a feathery type of gal, then Marc Jacobs has been rocking the runway with his biker chic collection that has placed the humble zipper on a pedestal of praise. The zipper looked great – and rebellious enough for urban trendsetters.

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