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February 18, 2008

As New York bids bye-bye to the fashionably packed tents in Bryant Park, it’s time to head over the big pond for the start of the UK’s weeklong fashion soiree.

London Town certainly likes to burn the staid and the recent catwalk showings in the capital were no exception.

Vivienne Westwood, she who pioneered the punk look some 30 years ago, produced her first show in nine years. Recently she’s been turning her avant-garde hand to jewelry with a line of diamond jewelry featuring bejeweled safety pins brooches and other thorny jewels. On the runway though it was the turn of her Red Label collection that drew crowds and crowds.

Micro-minis, exposed zips, high-waisted trousers – sounds familiar? It should do if you were following the New York trends. The same appeared in the British runways – just taken a few steps further.

Color-wise, again it was splashes of color against muted beiges and grays. The seventies – once called the decade taste forgot – now needs a new tagline as the shapes and colors of the disco/punk era bound back in force. Burnt orange, olive, plum and mustard yellow may sound like a menu in British diner, but in this case, they’re the shades of choice for many of the most popular collections
of the week.

Another trend is that of up on high. In New York it was feathers, in the UK, hats, hats and more hats decorating the hairdos. The bowler, the porkpie, the flat cap – even a Fez and pillbox, the ultra-fashionable know their hat terminology and no doubt, so will we as autumn rolls round.

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