“An American Collection” Fall Jewelry Fashion

“An American Collection” That’s THE POINT for Fall, Fashion

Fashion week’s closing show for Fall 2008 hit all the right notes in the Bryant Park Pavilion as “An American Collection” by Zang Toi showed classically inspired designs in their walk down the runway to the great delight of the celebrity studded audience.

Toi, the benighted Malaysian fashion guru (dubbed the Crown Prince Of Glamour here in the US) took his inspiration this year from the grand lifestyle enjoyed at The Point, the former Adirondacks sanctuary built for William Avery Rockefeller that operates now as an exclusive, high end getaway where the rich and famous go to “rough it”. On Holiday there at Thanksgiving, Toi spied a small black, red and white Native American patterned cushion in a rocking chair and then and there decided that was his collection.


With music provided by Kevin Edwards, the show kicked off to Lenny Kravitz’s rendition of American Woman and the Tasteful yet glamourous frocks, in varying patterns from Navaho Rugs to warmly textured Plaid Forrest Wool Tweeds, easily showed why the designer is the favourite for the likes of Sharon Stone, Eva Longoria-Parker, Meg Ryan and singer Fergie. Highlights this year were Toi’s Plaid Wool Tweed Sheath with a Black Mink Border, his “cushion inspired” Black Red & White American Indian Princess and one shoulder ballgowns, the sleek Red Silk Floor Length Charmeuse and his dazzling Black Silk Charmeuse Draped One Shoulder Gown with the Adirondack Star Brooch at the back.

With hair by Eijii, that utilized buns of varying size across each models head, and make up by Rudy Miles, designed with matt finish foundation and red lips offset with high gloss on the eyelids, the entire show took on a shimmering 1930’s silver screen era-meets-the-future feel. All of it, most definitely, fashion forward.


In talking with Jewelry.com after the show, Zang told us that jewelry (like the star brooch mentioned above) is a very important component of his design work; something that he likes to incorporate from the beginning and not as an accessory after the fact. He went on to say that, “I have designed a few gowns specifically to go with my ladies’ jewels,” taking inspiration from  jewelry pieces themselves to inspire his art. When asked who his fave jewelry designer was he said, “Oh JAR in Paris darling.”

So, by taking us on this trip to his idyllic winter wonderland, fashion artist Zang Toi shows us that old world Americana and Glamour not only go together, they are the wave of fashion’s future.

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