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March 21, 2008

See what jewelry trends will be blooming pretty this spring with’s Trend Report.

This spring it’s all about feeling yellow and that means gold, gold and more gold. Although the price of Midas’ favorite metal is expected to break some record highs in the coming year, this doesn’t mean that golden jewels are no longer an affordable option. Designers have been scratching their creative minds and coming up with some stunning pieces involving intricate latticework and other precious metals for some looks that won’t break the bank.

Style-wise it’s fresh and flowery. Flower designs are everywhere, on rings, on bracelets and especially on long, drop earrings. If you’re not the floral type, then look to the stars with celestial themed pieces a top trend tip.

But, the jewel that’s slated to become the ‘must have’ piece of the season is the not-so- humble medallion. Medallions and heavy pendants are back as designers turn to the seventies and eighties for their catwalk inspiration.

Another trend that’s new/old is cameos and bangles. This spring it’s time to start scouring the 2nd-hand stores and Great-Aunt Ethel’s jewelry box. Vintage designs have never been so hip and no matter how retro the new designs look – nothing captures vintage vignette better than the real deal.

One last spring sensation is a jewelry box staple – big blinging cocktail rings. Huge stones, metal domes, or funky flowers – just make sure it’s big, bright and beautiful.

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