Paris Style

London, Milan and now Paris – it’s been a fashion-conscious few weeks as the trendies rack up their frequent flier miles all in the name of hemlines and silhouettes.


Paris Fashion week, which ended on March 2nd eschewed the biker-chic mini look as skirts fell to the knee and below. The French were heralding the return of their beloved sexy school ma’am look. Long tube style skirts paired with cropped jackets were indicative of the silhouette that will be seen stalking the designer stores this coming Fall.

Designers showing in Paris determined that this Autumn sensibility shall reign and the one-hit eighties wonder so dominant in London and New York shall remain there – London and New York – and not in Continental Europe – oh la la.

When it came to the pants, it was the C-word all around – Cropped, Cropped and more Cropping.Louis Vuitton had their pants cropped and tapered, Yves Saint Laurent’s were pleated, cuffed with just a touch of cropping and Requiem had them flared with a high waist and some high-high cropping.

As for another French fad, they’re using the ‘F’ word rather a lot. The fur was flying during shows with Christian Dior and Viktor & Rolf both focusing on the PETA peeve to draw headlines.

We all know fashion is about individual expression, but obviously if you’re a furry four-legged creature, that doesn’t include you.

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