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March 27, 2008

It’s time to square up for spring. This month we’re rounding up the latest trends and solving the sums. Circles, squares, triangles and oblongs – its geometry in gems at prices we just can’t fathom.

Sometimes it’s good to be square – especially if that square is gold and diamonds. Zales is suffering from March Madness, offering this 3-squared gold and diamond delight for under $80.

You won’t care if the raindrops keep falling on your head this spring if you’re wearing this dreamy drop by Gordon’s. A perfect peridot, diamonds and gold all for $85.00, enough to make those clouds roll away.

Do you ever feel like you’re going around in circles? Well, we can’t promise to change that feeling, but we can cover it in gold and add some perfect pearls. Sears has a golden, pearl circle on special offer for just $99.99.

Take an opal and cover it with diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds. This gleaming white gold diamond oval pendant is available at an outrageous $94.50 – what were they thinking?

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