Diamonds On Tap

If there’s an outpouring of diamonds – then check that the faucet not’s leaking…. Crazy places people put their diamond jewelry.

No matter how many diamonds you have, there’s always room for more. Once you’ve run out of body parts to ‘ice’ don’t despair, there’s always the sink… Tecknobili have come up with blinging twist on the humble faucet. Their Oz Diamond Editorial Faucet is a tap with a few sparkling extras.

Professor Alberto Cotogno, winner of the De Beer’s International Award (jewelry’s world’s Oscars), took the original Oz tap and reproduced it, eschewing metal for gold and adding 282 diamonds as some top heavy embellishments.

The funky faucet features a total carat weight of 10.24 set in white gold. According to the company, the tap is ‘strictly for those with the taste and means to enjoy such an exclusive pleasure.’ Well, we suppose taste is very a personal issue.

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