What’s In A Name

If you have no idea what teens and pre-teens want, then take a look at the trends and styles of those names you hear them talk about – those bright young things dotting the red carpet at Nickelodeon’s annual Kids Choice Awards for example.

For the younger-set Ms Miley Cyrus can do no wrong. (Well better her than a Spears). The teen superstar took home trophies for favorite female singer and TV actress while her fans were taking note of her with her rocker-chic look.

Bejeweled earrings with a drop of ruby red are sure fire-winners when it comes to teen spirit.


Another talented teen, American Idol winner Jordin Sparks was, well, sparkling at the event in elegant gold hoop earrings and a cherry necklace. If you want to cherry-pick the best, then Sears and Kay Jewelers have two unbeatable contenders.

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