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May 8, 2008

Cleaning out the closet is probably one of the most procrastinated chores we do.

Be honest, how many times have you swiftly closed the closet door promising yourself, that next time you open it, it will be with trash bag and conviction in hand. And, how many times has conviction flown out the window as you decide that finishing the suduko puzzle is far more pressing. No More! Well, at least not for the jewelry box.

Step one Gather up all ‘one’ piece earrings. If the earring doesn’t have a partner then place it a Ziploc bag. Keep the bag somewhere safe – after all you never know when the errant partner may turn up, but at least for now all singles are safely stored.

Step two: Detangle chains. If a pendant is missing, throw the chain. You know you’ll never wear it again.

Step three: Everything (and we mean everything) deserves a jewelry spa day. Clean, brush and wipe – and we promise you – ‘like new’ is a phrase you’ll say over and over.

Step four: Check out the basics:

– Diamond studs

– Pearl drops

– Cocktail ring

– Diamond Right Hand Ring

– Gold necklace

– Pearl necklace

– Chandelier earrings

– Diamond pendant

Step five: If any of the above are missing, you know what to do… Happy Spring

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