Gold Stars

Gold jewelry takes over Hollywood as celebrities discover the Midas touch is alive and well – from yellow gold pendants to golden hoops and cuffs.

Last year, there were three must-have colors in a serious fashionista’s wardrobe; gold, gold and more gold. The precious metal was going for the full body-workout and awards ceremonies were ablaze with head-to-toe gold. This year gold is forgoing the tip-to-toe look and is returning to its roots as the ultimate icing for any occasion.

This month is gold month so there’s no excuse for not wearing the gold of gold – a simple golden pendant. Nicole Richie’s designing her own, Rihanna’s making sure hers stays dry under her umbrella and Jodie Foster won’t leave home without it. No outfit is perfect without a pendant.

Another golden star is, of course gold hoops. Whether they’re thin and oversized like Cindy Crawford’s favorite jewels, thick and squiggly or bejeweled and flowing like this pair on Alicia Keys – gold hoops are set to be summer sizzlers.

On the wrists, forget keeping it simple – pile on the gold with stacks of golden bracelets and cuffs like the paparazzi’s golden girl Paris Hilton.

Fortunately, it’s not only the celebrities that can bask in gold’s glittering hue. From golden hoops to delicate pendants and stacks of bracelets, there’s a golden story for everyone.

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