Big Is Beautiful

Fresh from the runways – reviews the jewelry styles, trends and statement pieces that are destined to become the ‘must have’ jewelry of the year.

According to the days of the ‘It’ bag could be numbered. The fashion bible has decreed there’s a new Golden Calf in town – the need-it-now bauble.


More and more houses – Bottega Veneta and Burberry to name just two – are entering the jewelry arena. And they’re not doing so quietly: Chunky statement pieces are the trend. Fall was a gem of a season for necklaces in particular,’ says the online trend dictator.


While we may love the runway looks, just trying wearing some in the real world. Some thing is most definitely lost in translation. Runway looks aren’t meant to be taken ‘as are’. If they were – the streets of Milan, New York and London would like some art-house movie set in another dimension.


Still the message is clear. When it comes to jewelry styles – big is better. From necks to wrists, fingers to ears – pile ’em on and pile ’em high.

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