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May 21, 2008

In Ancient Greece, there was a custom of worshiping mothers.

The ancients used to bow down and pray to one mother in particular, ‘Cybele’. She was
believed to be, depending on the sect, everything from an edification of Mother
Earth, to the mother of all Gods. Then, over in Ancient Rome, Cybele was
replaced by Juno (and we don’t mean a pregnant teen). Juno was Mars, Juventas
and Vulcan’s mom and once a year, sheep and cattle would be sacrificed and a
form of ancient ‘cook-out’ would take place. Fast-forwards a few millennia and
on the second Sunday of every May, breakfasts are hastily cooked, roses bought,
children even tidy up their rooms in a one-day respite (we hope) for moms across
the country. Whether it’s a ‘day off’ for mom or a family celebration, Mother’s
Day is a no-excuse time to simply say thanks mom for a 24/7 job with no

And what better to way to say ‘thanks’ to the women in your life than with a
piece of fine jewelry. Gift giving, signifies something about the giver, the
recipient, and the bond between the two. When a mom receives a piece of fine
jewelry, it almost automatically become a family heirloom. If well cared for,
fine jewelry will be handed down from generation to generation and Mother’s Day
is the perfect opportunity to express your sentiments by adorning mom (and
grandmom and mother-in-law and stepmom) with a gift that lasts.

Surround mom with diamonds this Mother’s Day. Zales’ 10K two-tone gold and
diamond pendant features a butterfly of love hovering over ‘mom’.

Being mom means you’re on a never-ending journey, with so many twists and
turns it makes you dizzy. The beauty of this journey though, is that you never
want to reach the end. Sears’s diamond drop journey pendant is perfect for mom
to wear every step of her way.

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