More Than Just Gold

From gold bullion to rose gold rings, the history of gold, to gold on the┬árunways – find out why gold’s glamour is ageless and limitless.

May is Gold Month and for some that means winning the golden jewel of their dreams at Now, that you’ve voted for (and who knows, maybe even won) your favorite gold gem – it’s time to learn a few golden facts. When you think gold, you may think shiny, perhaps you think of a shimmering yellow, you may even stretch the imagination somewhat and think ‘white gold’, but colors like green, purple even black probably wouldn’t come to mind. Long gone though are the days when gold was simply gold. Today, jewelers are creating a myriad of stylish gold pieces in all colors of the rainbow. The tint the gold takes on depends on the metals it is mixed, or alloyed with:Yellow gold, White gold, Rose gold, Green gold, Peach gold, Purple gold and even black gold (and we don’t mean oil). We’ve all watched the movies, seen the thieves load up the bullion bars from Fort Knox and seen the treasure hunters discover a crate load at the bottom of the Atlantic, but how much do they weigh? According to the World Gold Council the official name for those gold bars is ‘London Good Delivery Bars’ and they weigh about 27 lbs. Another useless piece of trivia that we at so love is this… did you know that if all the gold ever produced was made into a thin wire it could stretch around the circumference of the world an astounding 7.2 million times. (Just who works out this stuff?) And finally, when it comes to gold, recycling is far from new. In fact gold sets the standards when it comes to recycling. Ever since it was first discovered, gold has always been recycled thanks to its inherent high value. So that means your modern jewelry or dental crown could contain gold that was mined in prehistoric times, and might have even been part of some priceless item belonging to ancient royalty! Today, at least 15% of annual gold consumption is recycled each year. More Celebrity┬áNews

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