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August 7, 2008

When it comes to wearing jewelry at the beach, streamlined and simple is the name of the game these days.

While a few celebrities might rock bling to blind
everyone in the summer surf, most people opt to go for “less is more,” with just
a slight hint of pizzazz. No one wants their 3-carat rock getting lost in the
sand dunes or knocked off in a wave. In addition to accenting your bathing suit,
it’s also important to make sure your accessories survive your day at the beach.
Follow our style guide for some tips and pointers for this year’s summer season!

Malibu Mavens

There is nothing quite so self-affirming as seeing celebrities in bikinis with a
stomach paunch. Most of the time the paparazzi don’t attempt to make them as
svelte or golden as they prefer. But there’s nothing more disappointing than
seeing some unaware celeb letting it all hang out – and by all, we mean her
six-pack tummy and yoga-stretched legs. E! and People maybe showing us week
after week the best and worst of the celebrity bikini bodies. Self and Glamour
maybe showing us the best bikinis for our less than A-list bods, but only is showing you the jewels and gems that will make any bikini or bod
blinging beautiful.

Mariah CareyMariah

Celebrity-wise, Ms. Diva herself wins hands down for the most bling attempted while in a bathing suit. Along with her
massive diamond rock of a ring courtesy of hubby, Mr. Cannon, she’s covered all other bases with a large stone necklace and some big drop earrings. While it’s questionable Mariah will be hitting the waves, may we suggest slightly more modest (and beach-friendly) accoutrement:

These gold twist-drop earrings can be a pretty accent to your suit, but are
small enough to keep from getting tangled with hair, seaweed, and other marine
matter (small tuna, perhaps?).

Gold Twist-Drop Earrings

While we usually wouldn’t recommend taking your diamond band out for a swim,
this star-shaped ring will add some casual fun in the sun for your digits.

Star-Shaped Ring

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian

Kim isn’t really known for her modesty or minimally austere taste, but her suit makes the statement here, and her accessories are simply that: supporting pieces. Adorned only with hoop earrings, a belly button ring, and some nicely
structured sunglasses, Kim makes the effort to lead your eyes exactly where she wants them. Over the top she may be, but with jewelry at the beach, she is not.

If you’re into hoops, here is a chic, 14k oval-shaped pair that will add a
little bit of pop to your beachwear.

Bai LingBai Ling

Probably for the first time ever, the eccentric actress isn’t bowling over
people with her questionable style tactics in public. Bai Ling looks
surprisingly fresh and low key in her simple white suit, highlighted only by the ornamentation on her white bikini, a neutral-colored bracelet, and oval pendant necklace that mirrors the metal ring on her top. I give her beach outfit ensemble 2 enthusiastic thumbs up. And by the way, can you believe that this woman is 46?!!!

If you want a pendant to make a simple statement (and the ONLY statement), a
fantastic piece to consider is this diamond and 14k gold starburst pendant that
will add a little bit of radiance to any summer style:

Gold Starburst Pendant

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