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August 7, 2008

Every four years a wash of patriotic pride sweeps over nations as all eyes focus on people doing the strangest of things. Men start throwing large pointed sticks and grunting?.. and we cheer. Women run and jump and run and jump and run and jump some more and there’s not a ‘sale’ sign in sight.


Groups of grown men hand each little batons while we hold our breath.

Olympic fever is quite unlike anything else. Even the most unathletic civilian becomes a potential gold-medallist in the ‘recliner dash’ as we settle down for a couple of weeks of energetic TV watching.

Who of us hasn’t had that secret daydream when we see the flag raised and the anthem played. Instead of Michael Phelps – we’re there – basking in Olympic gold with a nation cheering us on…

This month maybe all about sports but it’s also all about jewelry. Sports and jewelry go hand in hand… If that surprises some of you, let’s have a quick recap.

Venus WilliamsWho can forget Gail Devers running and jumping her way to Olympic gold with an earful, neckful and wristful of gold jewelry to boot.

Tennis tycoon Serena Williams rocked the U.S. Open with her rocks. She wore diamond earrings and necklaces by Euphoria New York throughout her court appearances. Svetlana Kuznetsova glammed it up on court with an oversized diamond S necklace that Superwoman would be proud of and Martina Hingis served it up with a thick chain and silver earrings, adding a hint of sparkle to an otherwise all black-and-white outfit.

And take away David Beckham’s diamond stud and he’d just be another soccer player with an ex-pop princess as a wife.

At the recent ESPY awards, the world was watching, not to see Tiger Woods walk way with three trophies but to see which athlete would go home with the gold medal in ‘bling’. (Venus Williams was the easy winner in this event).

Mrs. Beckham was there showing off a chiseled gem on one hand and a ring on the other…

Hayden Panetierre was obviously following’s advice with a black cocktail gem by Erica Courtney – she’s obviously not the only one with her ear (or ears) to the jewelry grapevine – and both Ashanti and Sophia Bush knew that this season it’s all about over-sized earrings and bare necks. For Ashanti, big means really big – you go girl.

Now the question that we can’t wait to answer?. Who’s going to walk home with the most gold from Beijing? This month, the jewelry trend is all about layering – gold medals that is.

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