Let Jewelry Go To Your Head

Diamonds, gemstones, gold – it’s easy to fall head over heels for jewelry this season.

Stars and Their Bejeweled Hairpieces

We all know by now the “big and bawdy” trend is taking the runways and red carpets by storm. But there’s another look emerging that’s giving the statement necklace a run for its money: bejeweled hairpieces.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Lauren ConradMaybe Sarah Jessica Parker started the hunkering for headwear with that green bird thingy she wore in the SATC movie this summer? Or maybe it’s a longing for our Richard Simmons, headband-wearing, 80s past? Regardless, it’s clear that the noggin is clamoring for a little more attention this season – and the celebs are taking note!

Mad Men’s January Jones threaded an elegant diamond strand throughout her updo at the Emmys. Nicole Ritchie kicked it old school with a glittering band across her forehead, John McEnroe-style. Paris Hilton and The
Hills diva, Lauren Conrad, opted to bedazzle a traditional Jackie-O inspired headband, and Pink threw some ice on just one side of her punk rock locks.

So whether you’re an elegant Audrey Hepburn type or a happy-go-lucky hippie chick, there are many ways you can add a little moxy to your melon. Channel your inner Olivia and get physical with some headstrong jewelry fashions this fall!

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