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November 7, 2008

Could it be true? Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake appeared on the same stage?

Britney and Justin appear with Madonna

The rumor mill was buzzing this week with news of a possible Britney and Justin performance during Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet show at Dodger Stadium. But fans hoping to see a warm and fuzzy reunion between the two former lovebirds unfortunately didn’t get their wish.

Britney and Justin did perform – just at separate points in the evening. A
fabulously fit Spears appeared for the third song of the night, “Human Nature,”
clad in black pants, a white tuxedo shirt and heels. The pop tart was rumored to
make a quick getaway long before Timberlake appeared to duet with the belle of
the ball on their Hard Candy tune “4 Minutes.”


But Justin seems to be perfectly content in the love department these days
with longtime squeeze, Jessica Biel. And if their recent stop at a
fancy Italian
jewelry store
is any indication, wedding bells may soon be in their future.

Madonna's Diamond Engagement RingPerhaps Brit Brit and Madge can commiserate together now that they are both footloose and fancy free in the relationship department. We have to wonder, though, if Madonna’s famous three-stone, five carat Edwardian diamond engagement ring from Guy Ritchie will stay in a drawer somewhere, or if she’ll follow in other celebrity footsteps, like current bachelorette, DeAnna Pappas, and donate the bauble to charity.

Madonna's Diamond Engagement RingBut don’t cry for them, Argentina – life is good for the Material Mom and her “sane ” and saucy prot?g?. Madonna has rebounded romantically with Yankee dreamboat, A-rod, and Britney’s highly anticipated new album, Circus, is due to drop on December 2nd.

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