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November 4, 2008

From super-model to super-mom, jewelry designer to reality T.V. star and now Heidi Klum is adding another two titles to her resume – Goddess and Guitar Hero icon

Heidi Klum

Guitar Hero GoddessA few days ago Guitar Hero: World Tour was release against a backdrop of some of the coolest ads we’ve seen in a while. The Risky Business-inspired ad features some famous faces dancing about in their underpants and doing their best Tom Cruise impression to Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock and Roll” while playing different World Tour instruments or lip-syncing. The first spot features sports stars such as Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez, Michael Phelps, and Tony Hawk jamming away in their undies. But, as much as the guys love their sports heroes, nothing is going to tear them away when Heidi Klum bounces onto the screen (albeit sans jewelry) in nothing but the skimpiest of undies and a guitar hero.

This is one jewelry designer that loves her rocks and loves to rock. She loves her rocks so much that a few years ago she teamed up with jewelry house Mouwad to create her own line of jewelry. (Mouawad is the same company that’s behind former wild-child Nicole Richie’s new line of jewelry).

At Heidi’s recent Halloween bash in New York, the Project Runway host rocked the dress-up game with the scariest, yet sexiest version of Indian goddess Kali ever seen. According to Indian tradition, Kali’s jewelry consists of earrings made from two dead bodies and a necklace of skulls. Thankfully, Heidi took a less literal approach – but it’s clear the gold fan earrings, elaborate headdress and elbow-length bangles (on all eight of her arms) were meant to look larger than life.

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