Bob Crowley Wins Survivor: Gabon

From bow ties and beakers to bushy beards and backstabbing, 57-year-old physics teacher, Bob Crowley, became the oldest winner of the “Survivor” franchise last night.

The Survivor: Gabon

Age before beauty, as they say.

The Survivor: Gabon top gun will take his $1 million winnings home to Portland, Maine, where he will continue his life teaching high-schoolers about surviving story problems and SAT tests. In a close vote, the wiry winner beat out rivals, Sugar and Susie, to take home the grand prize.

Bob CrowleyCrowley was chosen by a seven-member jury of previously expelled contestants in the all-important last tribal council. In that voting, Bob sneaked by Susie, 4 to 3, with Sugar grabbing no one’s support.

“My plan was to fly under the radar as long as I could … and be a nice guy, so that people would like me,” Crowley summed up shortly after his name was announced by host, Jeff Probst, on a post-game special.

“I played the game the best I could,” Crowley explained. “I really felt like I did all I could do to win.”

Crowley also took home an additional $100,000 after the show’s fans voted him the Survivor Player of the Game.

So what will he do with the money now that he’s earned much more than his teacher’s salary?

“I might go back to Gabon in Africa, but I definitely want to take (my wife) on a honeymoon,” Crowley told reporters from LAX. “We only got to spend four hours together in Gabon, and I would like to go back there with her and take her on a proper vacation.”

Treat the one you love (or the one who has ‘survived’ living with you all these years) to some glittering jewelry styles for your own Survivor-inspired second honeymoon. And you don’t have to eat bugs and forgo showering in order to put that smile on her face. Although, $1 million would be nice.

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