Remembering John Lennon

Many of us remember where we were when we heard the tragic news. For some, it marked the end of an era.

Imagine John Lennon

For others, it was the first time we saw our parents cry. But December 8th, 1980 will always be known as the last day in the life of one of the most brilliant and beloved musicians of our time.

John Lennon

John Lennon was shot to death by deranged fan, Mark David Chapman, in front of the entrance to his apartment, The Dakota, on the western border of New York’s Central Park twenty-eight years ago today. While it’s hard to believe almost 30 years have gone by, it is no surprise that Lennon’s legacy as both a musician and peace activist have lived on.

Maybe you’re a fan of the Beatles ‘red album’ early days, or perhaps you prefer the psychedelic Magical Mystery Tour era instead. And let’s not forget his brilliant Yoko-inspired solo work that taught the world to give peace a chance. Regardless of your Lennon leanings, has assembled a glittering jewelry tribute that offers a little something for every fan to pay tribute to the man whose legacy reverberates not just around the world – but across the universe.

“Lucy in the Sky With Gemstones” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it? Every Beatles fan can pay homage to the Fab Four with diamond styles that light up the night sky.


Strawberry Fields is both a brilliant Lennon composition and the inspiration for his famous memorial in Central Park. If you can’t make it to New York to pay your respects, this strawberry pendant seems the perfect way to honor his memory.


All we are saying is give peace a chance. ‘Nuff said.


Lennon was nothing if not romantic. His love affair with Yoko Ono was “yin/yang” in human form, and his muse (love her or hate her) inspired some of the best music of his solo career. When he wrote the lyrics, “Love is All You Need”, you get the feeling he really meant it.

Take his words to heart with this gorgeous created ruby and diamond pendant for the love in your life.


Or tell her she’s the yin to your yang with this stunning black and white diamond circle pendant.


No matter how much controversy followed Lennon in his later years, it’s his music that fans remember most. From the bouncy melody in “Help!” to the way-out refrains in “I Am the Walrus”, John Lennon’s contribution to our lives – and to rock and roll history – will live on forever.


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