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December 2, 2008

For decades, when men have messed up, they’ve been banished to “the doghouse” by their wives or girlfriends.

The tradition continues?only now the doghouse is digital. JCPenney is taking steps this holiday season to teach some old dogs new tricks with In an effort to put an end to thoughtless presents, enables women to retrain their guys in the fine art of gifting?in this case, the gift of fine diamonds. Men can visit the Web site and view an amusing film showing them what life in the doghouse is like.

The “Stay Out of the Doghouse” button will lead them to valuable information about how to stay in her good graces this holiday season. A partnership with Facebook? Connect will allow avenging females the opportunity to put offending friends in the doghouse for all to see. And if the gift-challenged guy is just in need of a “tap on the nose,” his lady can send him an e-mail warning, giving him one last chance to avoid the doghouse this holiday season.

“Women love gifts that are bright, shiny and beautiful,” said Beryl Raff, executive vice president, JCPenney Fine Jewelry. “And guys, that means diamond earrings or a pendant, not a vacuum cleaner.”

The Web site is active beginning November 21 and will be welcoming visitors (and smart dog- house avoiders) until December 28.

For more information, visit

Did You Know?

JCPenney is bringing the cultural symbol of the doghouse to life, through an integrated viral experience. Like its real-life equivalent, the online doghouse is a place where men end up for their thoughtlessness. To learn more, visit

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