Michelle Obama’s Ring: Diamond and Rhodium

President Obama says ‘thank you’ to his First Lady with a diamond ring. As they say, behind every wise man, is an even wiser woman…

Michelle Obama is getting another glittering upgrade – aside from filling out a change of address form to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Her husband is giving her a whopping gift of jewelry as a ‘thank you’ present for her tireless efforts on the campaign trail.

Wise man.

Our 44th President commissioned Italian jeweler to the stars, Giovanni Bosco, to create a special Harmony ring out of rhodium and diamonds. The gem will put him back approximately $30,000 – or about a year’s salary for Joe the Plummer.

Known as the most expensive and rare of the precious metals, rhodium is a member of the platinum family. Its price per troy ounce today is higher than gold at approximately $1000 but was as high as $3,000 just a few months ago.

Rhodium is most often used in jewelry in combination with white gold or platinum to give it a more reflective surface. This process is known as ‘rhodium flashing’ and also serves to strengthen the metal and protect it from tarnish.

While the divine Mrs. O has been known for her down-to-earth style and off-the-rack fashion statements, this new rhodium addition to her jewelry box may have tongues wagging. It is certainly a far cry from J Crew cardigans and the vintage brooches she plucked from her own jewelry box.

But Jewelry.com thinks this well-deserved ‘thank you’ should be considered ‘bling we can believe in’. When she breaks out a rhodium and diamond tiara, then we’ll talk.

Tell the woman in your life how much you appreciate her with your own gift of diamonds. And the good news is: you don’t have to live in the White House (or know how to solve the economic crisis) in order to bring that little box home.

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