Classic Shapes Under $100

Every jewelry wardrobe needs a collection of basic shapes. You’ll be hard-
pressed to find anyone who doesn’t want a circle, star, cross or heart-shaped
pendant in their jewelry boxes for 2009. Whether you’re looking to give the
perfect gift or to update your own collection, has all the classics
for you here. And the best part? They’re all under $100.


Circle jewelry never goes out of style, and has glittering
diamond and gemstone selections in every color of the rainbow. Whether you’re
paying homage to our President-Elect’s favorite initial, or tipping your hat to
the circle of life, these classic pendants are the perfect way to make the world
go ’round.


Stars and Stripes will be on everyone’s minds this month as the Inauguration
festivities take the nation by storm. But you can channel your own star power
with these stylish pendants that light up the night sky. And since purple is the
new black, you can grab two jewelry trends for the price of one.


Beautiful, classic, peaceful ?cross pendants make great gifts or can be a
powerful self-purchase. And if you happen have a Goth girl in the family, they
might even crack a smile if you get one for them.


Heart-shaped jewelry isn’t just for Valentine’s Day, guys – even though it’s
right around the corner. Hint. Hint.

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