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February 11, 2009

Jewelry Steals from Hollywood’s Hottest Couples

Are you and your main squeeze fun and funky like Pete and Ashlee, classy and
elegant like Brad and Angelina, or sexy and sultry like Penelope and Javier?
Check out our list of Hollywood’s five hottest couples and choose the tony
twosome that matches your glittering Valentine’s Day style.

Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson might now be proud new parents
to son, Bronx Mowgli, but they certainly haven’t lost their fun and funky style.
Who else would name their child after a Disney cartoon? If you and your honey
are like this rockin’ celebrity couple,
black diamond jewelry styles are the perfect way to tell the world you don’t play
by the rules.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie can do no wrong. They’re
talented actors, dedicated humanitarians and parents to a growing brood of six
stunning children. Their understated, yet classic, style is always the epitome
of elegance on the red carpet, but you and your main man don’t have to have a
family the size of a baseball team to look as good as they do. Channel your
inner Brangelina and choose from these classic
three-stone fine jewelry styles.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DiRossi prove that blondes really
do have more fun. Portia’s stunning pink diamond engagement ring sent jewelry
lovers into a tizzy, and their groundbreaking wedding ceremony featured the hue
on everything from the flowers to the cake to Portia’s gorgeous gown. If you’re
tickled pink by your main squeeze, choose from these glittering pink
Valentine’s Day steals.

Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz sizzled on screen together
in the Oscar-nominated film, Vicky Christina Barcelona, and their dazzling good
looks and award-winning talent make their pairing off screen all the more
romantic. Duo diamond jewelry
is the perfect way to show the yin to your yang that the power of two is what
keeps your romantic flame burning bright. Two people – two diamonds – one
message – the story of the two of you.

Barack and Michelle Obama might not come from Hollywood, but
they are certainly the most famous couple on the planet right now. Brains and
beauty make a powerful combination. And our First Lady’s down-to-earth style
proves you can be married to the leader of the free world and still appreciate a
good bargain when you see one.
Presidential pearls are the perfect way to honor your high-powered relationship this
Valentine’s Day – all at prices our romantic first couple would approve of. Yes
you can!


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