Angelina’s Oscar Emeralds

              If the Oscars are the jewelry world’s Super Bowl, Angelina Jolie is this year’s Most Valuable Player. Her elegant black Elie Saab gown was perfectly complemented by the most stunning emerald Lorraine Schwartz jewels the red carpet has possibly ever seen. Perhaps the only thing taking the world’s attention away from Jolie’s potential Oscar run-in with presenter, Jennifer Aniston, was her stunning 115-carat emerald drop earrings that gave the red carpet a glittering green jolt of color. Viewers might have missed Angelina’s 65-carat emerald cocktail ring, but we caught gorgeous glimpses of it throughout the evening as the camera captured the shimmer from the front row. And while the two female members of the world’s most famous love triangle emerged from Oscar night unscathed, we’re sure Ms. Aniston was green with envy at her rival’s emerald glow. Brad who? Emeralds have been prized for thousands of years for their lush green hues and rare beauty. Throughout the ancient world, emeralds symbolized eternal hope, rebirth and the arrival of spring – and some cultures believed the gem rewarded its owners with love, intelligence, eloquence and great wealth. Something Angelina knows a little bit about. Jolie’s gems are reportedly from Colombia, where the finest emeralds are found. But you don’t have to travel far to get glittering emerald gems all your own. Click here to visit our Celebrity Style section, where we’ve collected Oscar jewelry looks just like Angie’s emerald earrings for a lot, lot less! Or visit the treasure chest for a shimmering selection of affordable emerald jewelry styles – from teardrop earrings like Angelina’s to rocky right hand rings. Going green never looked so good! More Celebrity News

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