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February 2, 2009

Mark your calendars! February 6th – 13th is Doghouse Prevention Week, and
JCPenney is determined to continue their noble plight to school men in the
delicate art of gift giving. Perhaps you’ve heard of the over 7,000 guys who
landed in the Doghouse over the holidays for giving a vacuum cleaner or a crock
pot to their wives and girlfriends instead of what women really want – diamonds.
But JCPenney is here to teach your old dogs some new tricks this Valentine’s

Beware of the DoghouseHelp
your guy avoid the Doghouse by steering him towards JCPenney’s groundbreaking
where they can watch a hilarious (and eye-opening) film showing what life in the
Doghouse is really like. And the “Stay Out of the Doghouse” button will lead
them to valuable information about how to stay in your good graces for
Valentine’s Day, including a glittering diamond product offering and information
about how to buy the right JCPenney diamond jewelry style.

“Women love gifts that are bright, shiny and beautiful,” says Beryl Raff,
executive vice president, JCPenney Fine Jewelry.

So, ladies, if you’re tired of getting the same box of chocolates and vase of
red roses every year, Doghouse Prevention Week is your time to make sure he gets
the diamond message. Avoiding the Doghouse this Valentine’s Day is easy if guys
remember the one thing women have known for years: good gifts come in small

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