A Diamond Dress to Die For

If you think the most extravagant couture fashion comes from the runways of Paris, think again.

Malaysian designer, Faisol Abdullah, has been commissioned to create a dress made entirely of diamonds. And the price tag? A mere $30 million.

What global economic meltdown?

The dress features over 750 diamonds from Middle Eastern jeweler, Mouawad, including a 70 carat pear-shaped stone at the center of the bodice and a train encrusted with real ice. The creation, named the “Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur,” will be unveiled at the STYLO Fashion Festival early next month in the Malaysian capital.

“Stocks drop, gold is even falling, but a diamond is forever. This is a dress with diamonds. Why go backwards, why can’t we go forward?” Abdullah told Reuters.

“It’s art and there are still enough rich people who would want to buy,” Nancy Yeoh, chief executive of STYLO, which commissioned the dress, declared. “We have a plan to present the dress to the royal courts around the world starting with the Middle East.”

Celebrity shoe designer, Jimmy Choo, will custom-make a pair of pumps to go with the 1,000-carat gown. And actress, Kavita Sidhu, has been given the honor of modeling the massive ensemble to a hand-picked audience of 500 guests.

“It’s a security and insurance nightmare but it’s worth it,” adds Antoine Bakhache, head of Mouawad’s Asia operations. “It’s not throwing $30 million right down the drain, it is an investment for the super-rich.”

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