Stop the Presses! High Fashion Lives! reported earlier in the week that the Parisian runways were subdued affairs with lots of black, basics and singular jewelry looks.

Little did we know what Alexander McQueen and John Galliano had up their well-tailored sleeves.

McQueen’s outrageous production seemed to point to the death of all things high fashion, with a stage littered with props from shows’ past, corpse-like models and accessories straight from the garbage heap. Let’s call it: ‘soda can chic’.

That said, the incredible clothing – from fiercely tailored suits to red carpet-ready evening gowns – proved that high fashion and big risks are anything but a done deal. The New York Times raved,

“Alexander McQueen’s exceptional collection shown here on Tuesday night, the most ambitious we have seen this season, was as much a slap in the face to his industry, then, as it was brave statement about the absurdity of the race to build empires in fashion.”

Not to be outdone was John Galliano, who looked to the frozen Russian tundra for inspiration this season. Using a micro-bubble snow storm and laser lighting, his leggy models emerged on the runway as if from the depths of a fantasy-land snow storm – far, far away from the economic woe troubling his industry.

Borrowing heavily from folk costume details, most of the Galliano line was more artistic experiment than realistic ready-to-wear with huge parkas, pom-pom boots and stunning metallic head pieces.

There were glimpses of the designer’s signature stylings, as flouncey, bias-cut dresses with layerings of gold and silver necklaces made their way down the runway. But those were the only signs of sensibility, as reviewers were right to point out that the lavish line might appeal to the crowds at Fashion Week, but won’t generate quite the response when it comes to loosening the purse strings.

So for the time being, fashion fans can just enjoy the showmanship and the incredible work it must have taken to pull off such extravagant productions. We might be entering the dark ages of High Fashion, but let’s celebrate the design mavericks who won’t go down without a fight.

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