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March 3, 2009

London is falling in love with our First Lady, even if she breaks the rules. Her history-making meeting with The Queen yesterday was a shocker – resulting in
what will forever be known as ‘the hug heard ’round the world’.

Anglophiles and palace watchers are buzzing with the news that Queen
Elizabeth broke with royal protocol by touching Mrs. O during their official
visit. And even more shocking? Obama returned the gesture!

According to the Daily Mail, “No one – including the
ladies-in-waiting standing nearby – could believe their eyes. In 57 years, the
Queen has never been seen to make that kind of gesture and it is certainly
against all protocol to touch her.”

Hug dilplomacy. It has a nice ring to it.

And Mighty Michelle – as the Brits are calling her – not only
won the Queen’s heart, she’s also getting high marks from the fashion world (a
tougher crowd by all accounts).

Her versatile and accessible style was highlighted yesterday by a J Crew
outfit for her morning and afternoon events and an ensemble fit for a Queen at
night, which included a Jason Wu black coat over a black and white Isabel Toledo

Accessorizing all of her looks so far – including this morning’s eye-popping
Junya Watanabe cardigan over a teal Jason Wu dress – is the ubiquitous First
pearl strand, which brings to mind Jackie O’s classic style from the Camelot era.

‘Play it safe’
never go out of style and are the perfect way for our First Lady to shine amidst
the royals across the pond.

And has
hundreds of pearl strand styles in case this jewelry box staple is missing from your
own wardrobe.

Will Michelle Obama continue do dispense her pearls of wisdom as she continues her European jaunt? You can bet the world will be

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