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May 10, 2011

The jewelry shined and the tweens screamed at the not one, not two, but three premieres of Hannah Montana: The Movie this week. And while Miley Cyrus’ fashion on the red carpet has been known to push the limits of taste for her young audience, the teen style in the film is anything but Britney.

The filmmakers made a concerted effort to bring Hannah Montana style away from the pop tart, belly baring look of the Britney/Christina era and focused, instead, on good ol’ fashioned modesty.

“We wanted her to look as natural, normal and neutral as possible in most of the film – hair and makeup, of course, but especially costumes,” director Peter Chelsom told the Los Angeles Times.

Ruffles and long skirts replaced half-shirts, leggings and minis in the wardrobe department. And jewelry was kept to a minimum, with age-appropriate gold earrings, layered lockets and stacked bangles adding just a little sparkle to the low-key Hannah look.

Miley’s moxy turned things up a bit on the real-life red carpet, as the media juggernaut appeared in a navy mini and layered gold necklaces at the Los Angeles premiere, black and bangles in New York and a one-shoulder Missoni Resort dress in her native Nashville with chunky gold cuffs.

Singing sensation and Miley BFF, Taylor Swift, was there every step of the way with her classic style and down low diamonds. And co-star, Vanessa Williams was on trend in a yellow mini dress with a
turquoise statement necklace. Yee haw!

The film opens on a zillion screens today, and parents everywhere will be relieved to know the only offensive thing their daughters will be exposed to is Billy Ray’s facial hair.

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