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April 6, 2009

Every year, thousands and thousands of jewelry retailers, designers, manufacturers, critics and connoisseurs arrive en masse in a small Swiss city to take part in the jewelry and watch world’s equivalent to the Paris, Milan and London fashion shows. In jewelry industry lingo, BaselWorld means comfy walking shoes, BaselWorld means watches and BaselWorld means dedicated trend hunters sifting through billions of dollars of jewels and watches in search of the next biggest bling.

And if you were under the impression that there’s a recession going on… ten minutes in this show and you’d think money was growing on trees. Million dollar watches with waiting lists… Necklaces for a few million that had been pre-sold before the first stone had been set… Somewhere, someone is spending serious money on their bling.

Each year, more and more famed jewelry houses launch their collections of gem-encrusted timepieces. In fact, the distinction between jewelry and watches is becoming more and more blurred. Is it a watch or is it a jewel that doubles as a watch?

As for the trends, no great news – more a case of ‘been there, seen that’.

Flower Flavor

In other words the pollen has spread and flowers continue to bloom. Sprinklings of gemstones cover intricately worked precious (and non-precious) metals as ‘inspired by nature’ simply becomes ‘nature by design’. Big flower rings, bigger flower brooches and daisy chain bracelets.

Pearls Of Color

Colorful pearls are going to be hits in the stores this summer. Pink pearls, chocolate pearls, cognac pearls, even golden green pearls. String ’em all together and what do you get? Well, you get lots of pearls, we suppose.

Black and White

As we all know life isn’t always black and white, but your jewelry sure can be. Black diamonds and black gems with white jewels remain big favorites. But this isn’t something new – the 2009 take, though, is to make black and white even bigger. Think long, long strands and multi-layer bracelets.

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