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April 9, 2009

Golden eggs aren’t just the fictional stuff of fairy tales, now you can find them in your own Easter basket – if you’re not ‘shell shocked’ at the price.

British department store, Selfridges, is offering up a chocolate Easter Egg this year that’s decorated with real 18 karat gold leaf and contains a rare gold coin worth over $1,000.

Selfridges argues that this particular Easter egg gives the consumer more than just the potential for a belly-ache and a pesky cavity; it retains some of its value even after the delicious chocolate is a distant memory.

Ewan Venters, Director of Food and Restaurants at Selfridges tells The Telegraph,

“Don’t invest in the stock market this Easter, invest in the golden egg instead, it really is worth its weight in gold.”

Gold is one of the safest investments in today’s economy, and with London’s finest chocolate from Melt in the mix? Your Easter Bunny gets a deal that’s nothing short of – eggcellent.

If golden eggs aren’t your style, check out’s basket full of glittering Easter gems.

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