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April 24, 2009

‘Heros’ Star Hayden Panettiere is the latest victim of jewelry theft as $15,000 worth of bling was robbed from her Los Angeles Home.

The home of actress Hayden Panettiere was burglarized according to TMZ, who broke the news earlier this week. According to a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department, approximately $15,000 worth of jewelry was reported missing from Hayden’s Los Angeles home in addition to other personal items.

The actress, who plays cheerleader Claire Bennett on the NBC sci-fi series Heroes, discovered the robbery when she returned home from a five-day vacation. There were no signs of forced entry and no arrests have been made.

Panettierre joins the likes of Paris Hilton and
Queen Latifah, who also suffered high dollar jewelry losses at the hands of the bad guys. And while you might not have a jewelry collection worthy of Fort Knox, there are two main precautions you can take to protect yourself in case your own treasure chest falls into the wrong hands.

Get an Appraisal: This is a document that states the approximate insurance, replacement or estate value of an item. It is required by insurers. The value of a piece of jewelry is calculated by appraisers using a number of different factors, which typically include: current retail prices in that regional market; cut, color, clarity and carat weight; the weight of the precious metal; the origin of the materials used; and the craftsmanship of the piece.

The more detailed and accurate an appraisal report is, the less likely it will be challenged by insurance companies, the IRS, divorce lawyers or competing appraisers. Many appraisers also plot gemstones and use photos and/or diagrams as additional documentation.

Get Insurance: Many retail jewelers offer insurance options to customers through a partnership with an insurance firm. Policies can vary greatly and should be researched and compared against one another. A second option for you would be to add the coverage to your existing homeowner’s policy.
Check with your agent about what is covered and what isn’t. A third option would be to contact an outside firm that specializes in separate jewelry insurance policies, such as Jewelers Mutual.

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