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May 13, 2009

They’re known as stars of the silver screen, but looking at the baubles, bangles and bracelets adorning these stellar celebrities, they should be called stars of the golden screen.

A-listers including Angelina Jolie, Whitney Houston, Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts and Charlize Theron have been gracing red carpets and magazine covers with the newest trend that’s been around for a few thousand years – gold, gold and more gold.

But there’s one super-diva that doesn’t just adorn her wrists, ears and necks with gold, she’s a head-to-toe gold superstar. When Beyonce goes for the gold, she takes it to the extreme.

“There’s nothing hotter than gold”, states Beyonce’s mom, stylist and House Of Dereon exec, Tina Knowles.

This month is Gold Month so there’s no excuse for not wearing this golden staple- a simple gold pendant. Nicole Richie’s designing her own, Rihanna’s making sure hers stays dry under her umbrella (and away from the gentle caress of ‘make him your ex’ Chris Brown) and little Ms. Cyrus won’t leave home without hers.

Another golden star is, of course gold hoops. Whether they’re thin and oversized or stylishly simple like this pair on Julia Roberts, gold hoops are set to be big summer sizzlers this season.

From the red carpet to the runway, it’s all good for gold. Whether it’s a simple gold top or a floor-length dress like Kate Hudson’s Stella McCartney stunner, there’s never a fashion faux-pas if you’ve got the Midas touch.

So take a cue from Hollywood’s golden girls and visit’s treasure chest of glittering gems for a touch of gold to brighten up your own wardrobe.

May might be ‘Gold Month’, but you’ll be lighting up the room year-round.

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