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June 26, 2009

An icon is no longer with us; the King of Pop is gone. And whether you grew up watching Michael
Jackson and his brothers on American Bandstand,
moonwalked your way to school, or watched your parents dance to the Thriller video – it’s safe to say we’ve all been influenced by his artistry.

But Jackson’s fashion sense was also larger than life. No one wore shiny jewels quite like Michael – from his Swarovski crystal-covered military jackets to his moonwalk socks to of course – the glittering glove.

Who could forget the 1983 Billie Jean video, where the look made its first glittering appearance – and of course his star-making performance on Motown’s 25th Anniversary Special, where the moonwalk and the glove made its live debut?

Soon Jackson became known as “The Gloved One” and millions of fans around the world found themselves tossing out the matching pair of their winter wear to follow suit. But the magic didn’t last.

Recently, the troubled icon had to auction a collection of his beloved gloves to get him out of the financial trouble that had plagued him since his legal woes took over the headlines. One went for almost $100,000 on ebay.

And while fans had hoped to see the glove in action again at Jackson’s highly anticipated comeback shows in London, we’ll have to remember it best by watching all those groundbreaking performances and videos during the King of Pop’s glory days.

Which is, perhaps, the best way to keep The Gloved One and his magic in our hearts.

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