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June 15, 2010

Men’s jewelry hasn’t always been the shining star it is today. Time was the only
bling you’d see on your pops was his gold wedding band. Plain, simple and –
let’s face it – boring.

Today’s dads are much more open minded about adding a little sparkle to their
wardrobes, from classic cuff links to elegant rings and more. And since is about ALL jewelry, we’ve curated a huge collection of men’s
jewelry styles from the retailers you trust for your browsing pleasure.

Here is a sampling of some of our favorite Father’s Day finds – all for under
$100. He’ll love you for your frugal fashion sense – and for not getting that
pack of tube socks again this year.

Cuff Links and Tie Bars:

If your dad is one of those suit-and-tie types, nothing sets his look apart
quite like an elegant pair of cuff links or – the hottest new trend in men’s
fashion – tie bars. Both elegant. Both very 007 chic.



Time to get pops a gift he’ll actually use this year, right? And nothing says
utility and style more than a good old fashion timepiece. Make his ticker skip a
beat with a stylish watch he’ll wear year-round. You’ll marvel at our selection
of quality options under $100.



Men’s fashion rings aren’t just for the mafia anymore. Sorry, Mr. Soprano.
Dads everywhere are adding a little sparkle to their ring fingers with styles
that range from the chunky to the sleek. Show your father that he’s a made man
in your eyes with ring bling that would make any mafioso marvel.


Dog Tags:

Is your dad a little bit rock and roll? Get him some serious dog tag bling
that shows the world he may know how to change a diaper and start a college
fund, but he can still nail that power ballad like the best of ’em.


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