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June 7, 2009

This year’s mammoth jewelry-fest in Las Vegas was all about the sparkle and the savings.

Every year, thousands of jewelry designers, manufacturers and your favorite retailers head on over to the city of sequins to see what’s new, what’s hot and what’s going to be in a jewelry store near you sometime soon.

It appears that 2009 is all about affordable glamour and colorful chic. Pearls are everywhere – they’re also in every color. Gold pearls, pink pearls, green pearls, chocolate pearls – and of course bags of black pearls were headlining at this Vegas Show.

Strands and strands of oversized colorful pearls strung on silk, leather and thin gold wire were odds on favorites, along with pearl rings, bracelets and clusterful earrings.

Another Vegas star this year was ‘affordable glamour’ – in other words gold on silver jewels were sparkling with style at prices that are beating the house odds. Huge gold on silver medallions studded with diamonds, crystals and colored gems were dazzling down the aisles. An amazing look at a fantastic price.

If, though, you got lucky in the casinos or money’s no object, then natural colored diamonds are going to be your jewels of choice. Delicate pink diamonds surrounded by gourmet champagne diamonds were sparkling in the diamond section.’s personal favorite jewel at the show was a stunning pair of pear-shaped diamond earrings, each stone weighing around 20 carats each. With a bit of tough negotiating we managed to get the price down to around $2.7 million – unfortunately it was a tad over our show budget.

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