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June 19, 2009

Gold isn’t just for jewelry anymore. The world’s most coveted heavy metal is covering everything from pet mattresses to remote controls these days. And the list of keeps on growing, despite this wacky economy.

The latest entry to the gold rush is from a Japanese company known for its gilded creations, Ginza Tanaka, who have offered well-heeled clients everything from golden swimsuits to a golden Santa Claus worth over $2 million dollars.

How’s that for a stocking stuffer?

But their latest offering is a bit more practical and great for hot summer nights – a beer mug made out of 859 grams (or 30 ounces) of gold. Part of the “Summer Cool” collection, the price of the mug changes daily with the price of gold, but it’s going for a whopping $50,000 today.

A Ginza Tanaka staff member did a taste test and explained,

“It’s, of course, tasty drinking beer from a normal glass, but it was a new experience to drink from a golden mug.”

Kindof makes those Budweiser Clydesdales look frumpy by comparison.

If gold jewelry is more your style, be sure to check out’s glittering treasure chest of
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They’ll add just the right amount of sparkle while you’re sipping that golden cold one.

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