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July 3, 2009

Michael Jackson’s death is still dominating the airwaves and details of the memorial service and funeral arrangements are emerging quickly. Among the tidbits is news of the coffin chosen by the Jackson family – the same model chosen for James Brown – a gleaming $25,000 custom-made gold casket called The Promethean.

The piece comes from the Indiana-based Batewville Casket Co.; it is made out of solid bronze, with a hand-polished 14-carat gold plate finish and a blue velvet-lined interior, the Web site reported.

According to New York Daily News, when James Brown died in 2007, Jackson visited the Georgia funeral home where the legendary showman was in repose and spent time studying the various caskets available.

A spooky premonition or just good pre-planning? You be the judge.

A public memorial service for Jackson has been planned for Tuesday morning at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, where thousands of fans will surely gather to honor the pop icon.

Jackson’s brother Jermaine told CNN that a private ceremony for family and some special guests will precede the public event, but plans to hold the memorial at the Neverland Ranch were thwarted by the lack of proper permits.

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