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July 24, 2009

British singer Lily Allen is the latest celebrity to join the ranks of Tori Spelling, Nicole Richie and Paula Abdul to launch a jewelry line.

Vogue UK reports that Allen has created a jewelry collection that
includes nine different ranges incorporating pieces like coins, medallions,traffic signs, fruits and poodles.

“I’m really pleased with all of the designs, we worked hard on getting them exactly how we wanted them from choosing the right chain length and thickness to deciding what should be in gold and what looks better in silver. I do love the animals though – the pandas are fantastic.”

Allen, who was experiencing money trouble earlier this year, also has a dress collection for New Look and a handbag campaign for Chanel in the works.

The jewelry line is called simply, Lily Allen, and will officially launch in the fall. And while images of the collection have yet to debut, has our own very own panda and pooch offerings to savor in the meantime.

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