Dior Does Diamonds

Diamonds and pearls lit up the Dior runway yesterday in a show that was dressed down from previous couture catwalk extravaganzas. Quite literally.

According to Style.com, designer John Galliano said he was inspired by behind-the-scenes documentary photographs taken more than half a century ago as Monsieur Dior dressed his cabine of mannequins for shows.

The conceit of half-dressed models informed the collection, with girdles, lace-edged slips and corsets making a strong showing along with structured jackets, draped bubble skirts, padded-hip coats, and full-skirted evening gowns in a colorful palette of orange, lime, raspberry, and yellow. But the blingy baubles were the highlight – with diamond bow necklaces and earrings, glittering diamond flower shapes and giant pearl statements in both black and white. Gawk at more photos on our Facebook page for a complete look at the Dior jewelry extravaganza!

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