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August 31, 2009

Loaning jewelry to Lindsay Lohan is risky business. See how much in loaner
jewelry was stolen from her home in a burglary she claims was an ‘inside’

Lindsay Lohan is the latest celebrity victim of a home break-in – with bags, shoes and jewelry worth millions now missing from her safe.

A surveilance video shows three suspects – one man and two women – entering the property and casing the joint. Lohan claimed recently on Twitter that the burglars know her and are out for revenge. reported that Lohan is also blaming the break-in for the disappearance of $2 million worth of jewelry she borrowed from XIV Karats more than two months ago. A source told the website:

“Lindsay claimed that they had been stolen from her safe. They’ve disappeared. XIV are not happy about it.

The jewels were in Lindsay’s care and they were only on a loaner – they were expected to be returned. If something is not resolved soon, there will be legal action taken.”

Interestingly, its not the first time that pricey jewelry has disappeared while in the hands of Miss Li-Lo. In June, $40,000 worth of diamond jewelry Lohan wore for an Elle UK photo shoot went missing – and she almost lost a cool $1 million in jewels when her purse got stolen during a trip to Italy
a few years back.

Clearly diamonds are not this star’s best friend, but that didn’t stop her scandal-riddled father from easing her pain by buying her a diamond ring as a consolation prize. We’ll see if XIV Karats has anything to say about that.


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